The Amateur Missionary

is an initiative to bring real life experience into the world. People have stories and other people need to hear them. This is a place in which travel meets music meets struggles meets writing meets Jesus.


A Brief History

it all started on a trip to Nicaragua in 2014. My family and I went on a mission trip to Managua the summer before my junior year of high school. on this trip we saw a variety of living experiences and lifestyles while visiting orphanages and charities.

unknown to me, most of the people in our team had made the prediction that I would fall in love with the people, the culture, the food. And I did.

after returning, which was extremely hard, I discussed my dilemma with many people, my parents, mentors, pastor. and though I felt on fire for this country I had been to once, they talked enough sense into me to finish high school and continue on to college, ultimately benefitting my original goal:

travel. write.

People have stories that need to be told. And although I know that I'm not the most qualified, I have a passion that cannot be overlooked.

Since 2014, I've spent a summer in Mexico learning Spanish and traveled Holland, England, and Uganda with more trips in the works.

I hope you'll join the realness of this community and read about my experiences...