Oh, Africa




I didn't really have any expectations when traveling to rural Uganda. 

I had traveled internationally before and though I felt more "on my own" than any trip before, I wasn't nervous beforehand. 

Little did I know how much it would rock my world forever. 

This little guy was the first African child to approach me, unafraid. Most thought we were ghosts or some other type of evil being. Some had never even seen a white person before. 

We shared the gospel and spoke in schools, and knowing that we could have been some of the first to tell these children of Christ was a wonderful experience. 

The second surprising thing to happen was my analyzation of American culture. It took hardly any time at all before I was noticing many of the flaws in the systems we Americans hold so near and dear to our hearts. 

I could go on forever, but I have many posts about Africa and many more to come so stay tuned...