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4 fun ways to get exercise this summer

4 fun ways to get exercise this summer


If you're like almost every other college student, exercise makes you shudder.

The thought of going to a gym, paying actual money for a membership, and lifting *shudder* weights, is the worst thing imaginable. And though this is maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, between classes, and sleeping, and work, and possibly socialization of some sort, it's hard to even think about staying in shape. Even in the summer, starting new habits can be difficult.

So, here's 4 FUN ways to get exercise this summer.

1. Bouldering

if you live in the city or don't have any experience rock climbing, Bouldering is a blast.

This is my personal favorite and it has always been worth my time and money. Indoor, unharnessed climbing is becoming more and more popular and rock gyms are opening all over.

There are a couple where I live and they seem to do very well!

It's such a creative way to work your muscles. Most even have lessons if you want to learn routes and strategies!

Try it out! You'll be sore, but it's worth it!

2. Swimming or Stand Up Paddle Boarding

whether you have a pool down the street or at your university, or you live right by the beach (lucky you!) swimming is a great source of exercise.

It burns a ton of calories and though it seems like a no brainer it works a variety of different muscles.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is also a super nice alternative to the typical and though costs a couple dollars, proves to be a day spent well, testing balance and strength in a calm, relaxing workout.

So, grab a couple of friends and hit the water!

don't forget the sunscreen.

3. Biking and Hiking

This isn't especially new or creative but if you're willing to take a couple google searches and discover trails or creeks in your area, even a day trip for a hilltop picnic is a great date or afternoon with friends.

So, send a group text and borrow your brother's old bike.

4. Dancing

I don't mean hardcore clubbing (unless that's your jam, definitely not mine), but most cities have

-Salsa night

-Swing dance night

-Two step night

I used to hate dancing, convinced I was the worst dancer known to man.

But between a couple of nights in Mexico and a friend who convinced me to join the 40's once in a while, I love it.

And every morning after, I'm so sore.

Between the different people you dance with and the styles that are bound the vary, you'll sweat and smile in no time.

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