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How to pack (tips & tricks)

How to pack (tips & tricks)

Packing, whether for a weekend or for a month, can be stressful.

And though I'm not expert on travel, I've been through enough airports to know a few tips that may make the whole experience more bearable.

1. Condense it Down

the goal is to get as many outfits out of the fewest amount of clothes.

2. Know the Weather

know where you're going, at what time of year.

It's the worst to assume that because you're going somewhere that's usually warm, and freeze during the chilly mornings.

3. Organize!

Whatever works for you is great, just make sure and try to know where everything is.

  • packing cubes are a great way to organize and you can get them pretty cheap on Amazon in sets of different sizes.
  • rolling clothes is another option and some think it helps save space in your suitcase.
  • pack in outfits. this is a good option if you don't have every shirt able to match with every skirt.

4. Plan your Trip

plan for your trip. If you have an itinerary for your trip plan for certain days so you know what outfits you'll need for the other days.

5. Only pack what you actually use

You know that dress in the back of your closet that will just be perfect for the rooftop bar in Paris?

Let's be honest, you'll wear that little black dress that you wear every weekend because it's comfortable, it's classy, and all your shoes match it.

The new dress will just take up space.

6. Leave room

If you're anything like me you'll want souvenirs, good, cool ones, probably handmade. but, also like me, you need to watch out for the weight of your suitcase. On my way back from Mexico, I had to pay $100 extra to check an overweight bag and carry and extra through all of the airports.


Packing is exciting, you're getting ready for a trip, maybe the trip of your dreams.

Make sure you're properly dressed.

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Long flight necessities

Long flight necessities