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The Thing About Wanderlust

The Thing About Wanderlust

Wanderlust is defined as "the strange uncontrollable desire to travel to new places".

There's a recent popularity surrounding this word and idea.

I myself am a culprit and victim of this phenomenon. 

Wanderlust is an interesting concept but the thing about wanderlust is that it promotes something that I don't think goes alongside healthy living or a biblical lifestyle. 

This is referring to mission work specifically. In your personal vacation travels, wander and get lost all you like!

Sometimes, it does work out that while traveling you end up somewhere totally different than you intended and it works out for the better. 

But if you head somewhere with no itinerary, I feel that it's hard to be active in God's plan for that trip if you're busy trying to figure out where you're going to be sleeping or eating in the next hours. Being lead by the Holy Spirit is different than not allowing him to help you plan in his will.

This can be a fun exercise in a few hours or a day of free time but when in missionary work it is all too common to get caught up in the idea of spontaneity. 

I believe it boils down to one main thing. Mindset. 

Being "go-with-the-flow" when things don't turn out how you plan them can be a powerful asset. You're allowing yourself the power to be content in God's plan wherever you go. You will be more capable and willing to be used when your car breaks down and there's a village that you can minister to.

In America being punctual is a character trait. It helps us get jobs and shows off our productivity, but most countries don't operate like that. Most Latin American countries are like this, and meeting at 3:30pm maybe means meeting at 4:30, having an early dinner, catching up with some old friends, and then going where you originally intended. Being flexible with culture is a good thing. 

But there's also something powerful in having a mission, and following through with it. Along with being a little lenient, that tends to also make people a little flaky and consistency can be a valuable tool, especially if you're already used to it. 

Wanderlust is fun to put on t-shirts and tapestries to hang up in dorm rooms and on car stickers but maybe not the best way to go about thinking critically about missions and the future Christians of the world. 


Hopefully, I can expand on this sometime.

But it's definitely something that I find fascinating. 

Let me know what you think!

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