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How I study scripture...

How I study scripture...

Studying scripture is such a fulfilling experience.

It brings you so much closer to God in a personal, meaningful way.

There are so many ways to study scripture on your own, between Sundays and away from small groups and bible studies. 

Here are a couple of my favorites:

1. Memorizing Scripture


In order to memorize scripture I use a method that I don't have a name for. 

Basically I find a verse that I want to memorize or keep on my heart throughout the day, or week and abbreviate it. I take the first letter of each word in the verse and write it down. 

For example:  I just did Proverbs 4.23 which is "Be very careful about what you think. Your thoughts run your life." 

For the purposes of this exercise, it turns into "bvcawyt.ytryl. Pr 4.23" 

With that I take a fine tipped sharpie and write it small somewhere on my wrist or hand so that it's a constant daily reminder of who God is and by the end of a 3ish days when it starts to wash off I have a new verse memorized. 

I'm sure there are a few things you could do to help it stay a little longer as well. Putting it somewhere that when you wash your hands won't hit would help for sure. 

It's also a great conversation starter. Random letters on your hand bring up some questions. 

I got the idea from Marykate Robinson who runs a Christian blog and does something similar. 

2. Journaling 


I love love love bible journaling. 

It's so fun and so interactive. 

I have a journaling bible with huge margins for writing and drawing. 

It's great for doodling notes during services and writing prayers or illustrating context of passages. 

I asked for one for Christmas last year when I realized that all of my notes from the services were illustrated and felt that art of this sort is so relaxing and such an amazing form of worhsip.

It was a goal when I got my first journaling bible that there would be no expectations for good artwork or pretences that I was trying to fit into.

I am not an artist by any means. I try really hard to make each page I read reflect what I think it's telling me, but my worship is an open place to mess up and express how I feel. 

I really desired to a better bond with Christ and it has been so influential in my walk with the Lord! 

I love it. I think it's such a fun way to connect with the word that isn't overdone or very well known.

3. Verse of the day

Another thing I love is to have a verse of the day, or a scripture study I am in daily to help remind me of the consistent love of Christ. 

It's a great opportunity to learn so much about the bible that you may have never thought of. The new context or outlook will give such a broader view of what was happening during ancient biblical times. 

The YouVersion Bible app has some great free ones about all sorts of different topics and a verse of the day that you can have sent to your phone or pop up as a notification.

4. Accountability

It is so important to be held accountable by friends and family to read the bible and stay connected. 

Whether this is through a bbible study group in your church or just something you and your boyfriend or girlfriend try and do together, it's a great way to stay connected with other people and with God.

I am not by any means an expert. 

Heck, I'm not even a bible major. But I am a follower of Christ and I enjoy immensely being surrounded by people in my life who challenge me spiritually and create a loving atmosphere to worship the Lord however I feel lead.

Good luck! 

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