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Long flight necessities

Long flight necessities

Long flights can be miserable.

My first flight to Europe was a nightmare, between exhaustion and being so crammed in a tight little space for 8+ hours.

You just arrive at your destination feeling gross. Now, there's no way you're ever going to leave an airport feeling glamorous. That's just a given. But there are a few things that are absolutely necessary in order to keep your sanity on one of these trips.

1. Headphones

This really boils down to preference but having headphones that can drown out the noise of the plane's engine, the crying baby, and the toilet flushing ever 15 minutes can drastically change the whole experience.

I'm fairly partial to my good old iPhone earbuds because they're small and easy but I did invest before Mexico in a pair of over ear headphones from Audio Technica (the ATH-M20x Professional) for about $50 and have been really happy with them.

2. Sweater and Socks

Planes get really cold.


I froze.

I live in Texas, where during the summer it never goes below 90 degrees, sometimes 100. Jackets are the last thing on my mind but having that cozy sweatshirt when you're trying to sleep in a ball is really comforting.

Also, I like to wear sandals through security. Chacos are just great. Easy to get on, easy to get off, comfortable to walk in.

But once you're on the plane and your sweatshirt has left your carry on, your feet might get frostbite down there and some fuzzy socks will do just the trick, and are super easy to pack.

3. Melatonin

After takeoff, and the adrenaline has worn off and you realize that you've got 7 hours left going across the ocean, it's best to try and get some shut eye.

I'm not one for high chemical sleep aids but melatonin is all natural and helps support sleep but not induce it.

4. Pack Smart

Make sure you pack a few things for when you land.

A couple of refreshing makeup wipes and some concealer can do a lot for a face that's been exposed to compressed air and airplane food.

I've always been glad that I brought a couple of items along with me.


Travel can be extremely exciting and wonderful, but stressful as well.

Anything to make the trip more enjoyable helps out.

Get going!


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