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The Perfect Picnic

The Perfect Picnic

The Perfect Picnic

I enjoy most things that are free and fun while trying to save money.

For a friend's birthday I decided to plan a day of fun things. This started with a picnic in a lovely park in Austin.

This was catered to a specific person so my picnic may look a little different than yours.

Here were my ingredients for the food:

  • ciabatta sandwiches (pesto, arugula, mozzarella cheese, tomato).
  • good drinks. I like Izzy sodas but anything fun will do.
  • summery fruit. Watermelon is always a go to. It's fairly easy to transport and makes for great color in the arrangement.

The Aesthetics:

Blanket and Basket - picnic must haves

Good Location - a nice park or even backyard

Friends or an SO



Tying your sandwiches with twine is a cute addition to your picnic.

Add a couple cookies or chips if you want to complete your meal.


New friends in new places

New friends in new places

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