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Writing is hard pt. 1 Titles

As writers, who write in solitude a great most of the time, we need to stick together. Let's face it. Writing is hard. It's amazing and we love it, but it sucks a lot. It's really, really hard and probably won't get much easier anytime soon. 

Alright . . .

now that that's out there, let's get down to it. This applies to poetry, prose, and short stories and goes only by my experience. 

This is quite a lengthy post but I tried to categorize as well as I could with as much as I have to say and separate it into a few posts as to not overwhelm.

  1. Titles - People will always have different opinions on writing the title of a work. I don't think one is right and one is wrong. I think it is a matter of figuring out which method best fits your style, your thought process, and your specifics with each individual piece. Some authors would like you to wait until the work is finished (some even up to the 2nd or 3rd draft) so you have a better idea of the overall theme of the piece. Others think the title sets the mood. If you start your project with more an idea, tone, or scene already in mind then run with it. One solid character could give you an entire novel and the perfect title in the first chapter, think Misery - Stephen King. You saw it coming. It was, indeed, miserable in the best sense of the word, as predicted). If you have a saying or certain overall goal before you begin, it's a good place to start. There is no secret code or rule. Do both often and then stick with the one that works best for you. 

"Where is He?"

It Might End Badly

It Might End Badly