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Poem 6.4.17

I'm a mess, I confess

of violent contradictions

in need of release

and someone's attempt at understanding them

some days I love people and everything to do with humanity

amid others in which I think dogs are the only creatures deserving of our love

some days I eat salad and drink kombucha and get plenty of sleep

and others I breathe nothing but coffee fumes and eat a whole sleeve of oreos before lunch

sometimes I love life and sometimes I hate it

sometimes I want to live simply, as the minimalists do 

and others I enjoy my solitude, surrounded by mountains of books

I support body positivity and think the world is beautiful

and yet can't go to sleep because of what I might see in my anxiety driven nightmares

but amidst all my chaos 

in the darkness and in the light

when I wear sunflower yellow and ask you to take me to pet dogs and eat cookies

or when you have to wake me up terrified and shaking and wondering

you have been there

slipping in



not disturbing any of the multitude of things I desire to learn still in my life

but making yourself comfortable in there

so when I noticed you could say you were already right at home around my chaos

embracing my contradictions

writing them down in calligraphy on the back of your hand like parchment

I'm a mess, I confess

but you, my dear,

calm the madness

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