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The Last Five Weeks

The Last Five Weeks

The last five weeks have been an adventure. It has been pretty hit or miss whether or not I will have wifi and most of my extra time has gone to our project that we've been working on. 

The last five weeks have challenged everything I know.  

They've changed my perspective.  

They've changed my cultural norms.  

They've changed my independence and courage in new places.  


we've done some incredible things, like stay in some of the roughest conditions I've ever seen, and also some of the most beautiful circumstances. 

I've been staring up at the constellations on the equator in the middle of Lake Victoria watching the fisherman's lanterns out on the water while there are slums behind us and people who may have never seen a white person before.  

What is this place?  

How can my heart be in love and breaking at the same time? 

I'm hoping to update some entries from my journal, maybe not until I get back. But we've got a few days left...  

I've hiked a mountain and hugged an elephant and traveled across a country in a month and a half. 


Could I live here?  

Am I supposed to?  

Who knows?  


We have a few more days in Mbale before we pack up and head to Kenya for a week, before going back to Uganda for a couple days and then flying home.

Okay Africa. Here we go.  

America the Difficult

America the Difficult

Chickens, Cows, and Goats, Oh My!

Chickens, Cows, and Goats, Oh My!