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18 Days...

18 Days...

This article has been a difficult one to write. I've been erasing everything I have over and over for the last week. I am going to try and get my jumbled up thoughts out and down on the page or I never will. 

In a little over two weeks, I will say goodbye to my family and everything familiar and spend my second college summer in East Africa. 

This region (Uganda and Kenya) has become a main part of what my heart dwells on daily. Though a couple of years ago I never would have seen myself there, I can rarely see myself anywhere else. 

The trip I went on last year has already left and I find myself looking at the photos of things I've done and people I know sadly like I'm watching a friend I once knew do something exciting that we used to do together. I learned so much last year, and struggled immensely and it's difficult to think that this summer can add. 

I know that many exciting things await this summer, different things, new and refreshing things, familiar things, difficult things, and I am trying my best to welcome these prospects with an open mind. 

For those reading that are invested in this story and aren't caught up, here's what happened:

Last summer changed my entire perspective. I found myself thinking differently about, well, everything. The world was different and I devoted a lot of last year into developing "my plan" for "my life". That was quickly changed when I realized that life is not at all about what I want or what my plan is no matter how much I feel that it reflects God's heart. My will must be God's will or it will crash and burn along with all of my good intentions.

This is a difficult pill for a perfectionist planner to swallow, but college and "African time" have helped a lot with making me slow down and enjoy what is in front of me. 

The journey I am about to embark on is an amazing opportunity and another one of the ways that God constantly shows that his plan is more important and he's in control. I am so excited for what the next few months will hold and I hope to be motivated enough and able to keep updating. 

As for now, I need to start packing!

If you have any questions or thoughts, please send them my way! 

Here's to 2018 and all that is to come...




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