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the things we carry

the things we carry

I often have trouble writing these posts while I am here. There is little time to process and think about the things I have seen but this will be my attempt. 

Sorry that this may not be what you expect. I am having a blast and I am so happy for all that we get to experience and thankful for all of the people that helped allow me to be here.

But this is also a much different experience when considering a long term move in the near future. There are things that aren't pretty and I don't believe in hiding those experiences with anyone who desires to know them. This is how I process and I hope this resonates with someone. 

Malindi, Kenya is where my team and I will spend the majority of our time over the next five weeks. Malindi is interesting in that it holds quite the paradox. 

We have been visiting the ministries with which we will work for the next few weeks and I am so excited. The Mahenzo school has the intentions and leadership behind it to do some amazing things and also to raise children to have faith and desire to change the world. 

Uzima ministries has wonderfully organized and strategized outreach and evangelism to help the entire community. 

But along with all of the incredible things that the Christians in Malindi are working towards to better the areas along the Kenyan coast, there are still some things that cannot be ignored. 

Along with the recent flooding on the outskirts of town, over 3,000 people are left without homes and many (who rely on farming for income) without means of sustaining themselves or their families. This is a trying time and the ministries in Kenya and also the supporters in the United States are in a bind with how to deal with the money they have and the needs of the people. 

Along with this immediate need, things like prostitution and drug trade (especially among certain nationalities that come to Malindi) run rampant and continue to teach the locals that choices have no consequences and life has no purpose. 

These are the things we carry. 

These are the burdens that the people who enter this glorious, beautiful, broken piece of Earth are left with. We cannot ignore it. God, wouldn't it be easier if we could? Wouldn't it be nice to go back to the picket fence some of us once dreamed of? 

But instead, we are here. 

Instead, on Monday, I will begin Swahili lessons, and we will drive to different places to sit under trees and let the communication between people who are not all that different from ourselves take over. 

Instead, I sit on the beach and along with marveling at the views and the sunrise, I am stuck thinking about the beach boys that bother us and whatever happened to them.

Instead, I am completely uncomfortable because I gave up being in my comfort zone a long time ago because I began to realize that this life is not my own. 

And these are the things that we carry. 


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