London was not what I expected in the slightest. Slightly disappointed after being around the natural beauty of Amsterdam I faded into London city more slowly but in the end, appreciated all of the glorious culture and rich history that London has to offer.


Rain. Rain. Rain.

Fully adjusted to time by now, London was more touristy than anywhere else I have traveled.

Though pouring rain, we ventured out into Camden market mid morning. Being a weekday and not supported by the weather there weren't as many people as I'm sure usually crowded the place, but was a very London experience just the same.



London is hard to explain.

It's extremely old and has so much history with nearly every other country, making a melting pot of everywhere in its center, yet holds true to many of the stereotypes and traditions that people (at least Americans) associate with London.

This was my attempt at a picture in front of a moving London bus.




In my time in London, I was a tourist.

This is not my favorite way to travel, and should I ever return I will hold true to my mission of traveling with more adventure and less ease.

but it was nice to do a few of the things I had seen on the internet for so long.

farewell London.