For the summer of 2015 I spent just over a month living in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, studying Spanish.

It was one of the most defining, awe-inspiring experiences in my life so far.


San Miguel de Allende

Mexico is not what I expected in the slightest.

Full of mystery and excitement. I was enchanted before my first day was over.

I took 5 hours of classes each day during the week, spending the rest with new friends on adventures.


In the beautiful, ancient city of San Miguel de Allende I learned the streets quickly, making my way around to different cafes and hot spots. My goal has always been to never be a tourist, but always be a traveler.

Whenever given the opportunity, I tried my best to speak Spanish, asking questions in shops and when ordering in restaurants. It was hard and I often got frustrated.

But friends (Mexican and otherwise) were extremely supportive and we always figured out how to communicate in the end.

mexico. edited..jpg


During my stay, there were two adventures that made a major impression on me.

A day traveling the local Mayan ruins of course made for the most interesting history lesson I've ever heard.

Between that and rock climbing by a waterfall in the botanical gardens I got my fill of adventure around the city.

With only a month to explore I spent time in coffee shops and chocolate tastings, dancing and writing the nights away.