The beautiful, desperate capital city of Managua holds many, many people.

People who desire to care for their children, and people who desire to love their home city.

It is broken, and sometimes dangerous, but improving.

The first place we traveled and that had the most impact on me was an after school daycare system that gave kids and teenagers a safe environment to do school work and meet friends that keeps them off the streets.


They help pay for uniforms and provide meals to the children that live in and near the city dump.

This organization was started by an American family who felt so strongly about these families.

In the few days I had the privilege to spend there, the kids and staff made such an impact on me.

I felt involved and on fire for this ministry and for these kids.



Compassion International

Under 2% of sponsored children ever have the opportunity to meet their sponsor family.

When my family knew that we were traveling to Nicaragua, where Kimberling was, we set up a day where we could be with her, and her brother, and mom.

It brought us all to tears immediately.

And I don't think I let go of her the entire day. She and I were sisters, in Christ, and joined through all of the barriers that should've kept us apart.